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Kid iin treatment Dr. Bigby with her child patient

Chiropractic care for all ages

Chiropractic care isn't just for adults. It is a natural way to relieve pain and discomfort for children, the elderly, men, women and pregnant women too. Affinity Chiropractic offers you a wide range of chiropractic techniques customized to your unique pain.



Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable and painful. Most pregnant women who receive chiropractic treatment have less pain during pregnancy, an easier birth and recover more quickly.

Chiropractic treatments help a variety of pediatric ailments including:

•  Torticollis

•  Colic

•  Earaches

•  Headaches

•  Posture problems


Children have less scar tissue around their joints so they respond better to treatment and heal faster. Take care of your child’s injury today to reduce the long-term effects of chronic joint pain.

Safe pain relief for children

Chiropractic care is a safe and gentle way to address pain and other health conditions you or your child may be experiencing. There are different techniques that can be used to allow the body to heal naturally without the use of drugs. Dr. Jane Bigby will personally sit down with you and devise a customized chiropractic care plan just for you.


For natural pain relief for you and your entire family, contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

Receive safe, gentle and customized chiropractic treatment

Being well adjusted means lasting life wellness. Contact us today to schedule your customized chiropractic appointment.

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