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Dr. Bigby got me through a tough trail relay race after pulling my right calf muscle.  With adjustments, cold laser therapy and teaching me proper use of KT tape, I survived all 3 legs of my race.  She is very innovative in her approach and seeks to incorporate more than traditional chiropractic adjustments.  I am also a huge fan of the drop table.  I recommend her to all my family and friends!    

Melissa S.


I have been seeing Dr. Jane for many years. I initially started seeing her for chronic daily headaches. I had been adjusted by other chiropractors but didn’t feel any better. Dr. Jane took the time to look at why I wasn’t responding and adjusted me like I hadn’t been adjusted before. I no longer have daily headaches!  

Allen W.


I started seeing Dr. Jane during my pregnancy because I had low back pain.  Getting adjusted helped me a lot. After my daughter was born we noticed that she kept her head in a certain position, tilted to the left. I asked Dr. Jane about it and she explained the position might be from a misalignment in the upper neck. After the first adjustment my daughter was able to move her head more. It only took a couple of more adjustments and now she moves her head in all directions and doesn’t have her head tilted to one side.  

Shawna B.


Dr. Jane has helped me so much with shoulder pain. I had an injury to my shoulder decades ago and would go through spells of pain. During the last episode, I went to see her and she adjusted me, used the cold laser, and then taped it. I felt great afterwards and after a couple of more visits the shoulder pain was gone and it hasn’t returned yet.  

Patrick S.


After several months of dealing with constant and shoulder pain with limited mobility and lack of sleep,  I decided to see what could be done.  I had some doubts about whether chiropractic care could help me but I decided to give it a shot.  Dr. Jane asked a lot of questions and answered mine which helped me better understand the approach chiropractic takes. It was not just cracking some joints and moving on, it was a detailed analysis of why the condition was occurring, suggestions on how to prevent the problem, and care for my concerns including home exercises. I felt better after the first treatment and the subsequent treatments decreased the pain and increased my range of motion. The best part was finally being able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. Dr. Jane provides and A-rated service and I highly recommend her.    

Joseph C.